The BiliCocoon provides a soft and flexible treatment option that is compatible with warmers, incubators and kangaroo care therapy. The Nest System is ideal for preterm babies with quick and easy access to the newborn, and provides a large surface area with posterior and lateral coverage. The Bag System is ideal for full term babies and provides anterior and posterior pads for full body coverage.

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"We have been using the BiliCocoon for the past year and nursing staff are raving about the ease of use, effectiveness in reducing bilirubin levels, and patient satisfaction. Typically we see a drop in levels of 3-4 points per day, but in one case the bilirubin level dropped 10 points in 24 hours!  The families love being able to hold and comfort their babies, breastfeed freely, and have autonomy for providing their infant's care.  As a Baby Friendly hospital, the BiliCocoon helps us to comply with the standard to keep the baby in the room with the mother 24/7.  We just ordered another unit as it is in popular demand!"

- Cindy Walp, Birth Center Director, North Valley Hospital


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